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Take the High Octane Supplement Challenge

Mar 15, 2021

High Octane Supplements

Get the winning edge this show season.

Let Premier Cooperative help you get the winning edge in your next 4-H show project with Purina® High Octane® supplements.

The experts in show nutrition think this line of supplements will give your project the winning edge. Each of our supplements has a different use and benefit for your animal. They may need more muscle, more cover, more shape, or more depth of body. Whatever adjustment you need to make to your show project to get into the winner’s circle, we have got something in our toolbox for you.

Take the High Octane® Challenge in three simple steps:
  1. Get your $10 off coupon today by going to, fill out the contact information and hit submit. We will email you a coupon immediately.
  2. Contact Premier Cooperative
  3. Find the right supplement – a Premier Co-op Sales Rep can help you find the right High Octane® supplement for your needs and receive $10 OFF to try it.

Fill out the form below for more information on High Octane supplements!


Eric Peterson

Nutrition Consultant


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