Mar 14, 2022

Utrisha� N

The next level of Nitrogen Use Efficiency.

Increase your crop’s nitrogen use efficiency and boost your yield potential with Utrisha™ N nitrogen efficiency optimizer. This biological product naturally improves plant vitality for a healthy harvest by fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere and converting it to ammonium. It’s a sustainable solution that supplies nitrogen throughout the crop cycle in an effective and controlled way.

In on-farm trials ran by Premier Cooperative, all resulted in an average yield boost of 10.25 bushel/acre, and a positive return on investment. All plots were 5+ acre treatment blocks and averages 200-240 bushel/acre of corn.



  • Enhanced yield potential
    • Utrisha™ N nutrient efficiency optimizer gives your crop an optimal yield potential opportunity by improving nitrogen use efficiency and mitigating nitrogen as a yield-limiting factor.
  • Convenient storage and handling
    • With a dry powder formulation, Utrisha N can be stored for more than one year at a wide range of temperatures. It has a wide application window that provides mid-season flexibility.
  • Sustainably contributes to holistic nutrient package
    • Utrisha N is an alternative, supplemental nitrogen source without the risk of leaching into water tables or releasing additional greenhouse gases. It complements other agronomic tools, such as nitrogen stabilizers, timing and variable rate, to increase crop yield, or it can replace part of the sidedress-applied nitrogen fertilizer requirements.
  • Apply in healthy crops unaffected by poor nutrition or other biotic/abiotic stresses
  • Apply with sufficient plant biomass, when the crop presents good soil coverage
  • Apply to standard side-dressing fertilization timing as closely as possible
  • Spray volume: between 10 and 25 GPA
  • Water total chlorine content: < 1 ppm
  • Water pH: between 5 and 8
  • Rain fast: one hour after application

Fill out the form below to contact a Premier agronomist to get more information on our on-farm Utrisha™ N trials and learn how you can implement it on your acres.

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