Why is AA different than previous alfalfa?

Nov 16, 2022

LegenDairy AA

See the Difference with Croplan Alfalfa.

CROPLAN AA varieties show stronger roots, healthier plants, higher yield, and increased stand persistence potential over the life of a stand.

New CROPLAN AA varieties offer Aphanomyces race 1, race 2, and Enhanced Multi-Race (EMR) resistance + Anthracnose all races (including race 5) resistance: HVX MegaTron AA and HVX MegaTron, RR AphaTron AA and RR AphaTron 2XT, Rebound AA, GUNNER AA, and LegenDairy AAAA varieties provide significant improvement in both yield and quality potential due to:
  • Stronger roots leading to bigger plants which can uptake more water and nutrients. This all leads to increased yield potential and increased stand persistence potential all of which lead to an increased net return per acre for the grower
Contact your local Premier agronomist today for more information on Croplan alfalfa and AA varieties.


                   Ken Jahnke
        Agronomy Sales Manager



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Nov 07,2022
I hope you get the chance to get outside in November. By the time I write the next newsletter, we could see below zero temperatures. Or it could be 70 degrees outside. You just never know. You gotta love Wisconsin. If you don’t like the weather, wait a day.
Nov 07,2022
Temperature fluctuations during winter tend to present challenges for calf raisers across the Midwest and many farms will see an uptick in respiratory issues. More calves are being raised in barns or other housing with greater protection from the elements and these structures rely on natural ventilation to provide clean, fresh air to the calves. This works well in the summertime; however, as doors, windows and curtains are closed in the winter, providing sufficient air exchanges to keep calves healthy can be challenging.
Nov 07,2022
As we write the last few paragraphs of our 2022 crop season, we are also in the process of making plans for a successful 2023 season that will be here before we know it. As you are planning, purchasing seed is probably at the top of your list. For those of you that have not included Premier Cooperative in your seed buying decisions in the past, I would like to give you a couple of reasons why you should be purchasing your seed from Premier. First off, making your purchase with Premier builds equity in your business and offers patronage for your purchases.  Secondly, our agronomy team is one of the few, if not the only, seed suppliers that can come to your farm with FOUR different brands to choose from to get the right variety or hybrid.  Those brands, Dekalb/Asgrow, Brevant, NK, and Croplan offer genetic diversity which enables our agronomists to help you place the correct hybrid for your soil type and management style. Our dedicated agronomy team has the training, representative support, plot data, and passion to help you succeed.