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Your Farm at Your Fingertips

Jun 22, 2021

Boss Grower App

Boss Grower™ Companion App

Grower Portal on Desktop & Tablet

Once you've signed up for your free in-season imagery and other R7 Tools you will be setup with access to our Grower Portal. Use the grower portal when you are on your desktop or tablet in orer to view the R7 Tools as well as view our current grain bids.

But what about the 99% of the time you aren't sitting in front of a computer or holding a tablet?

Boss Grower™ Companion App on Your Mobile Phone


When you're away from your desk, you can access the same information using our Boss Grower™ mobile app to see how your fields are trending in the R7 Tools, message your Premier team, and view weather and grain bids.

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Already have the app? Get the user guide here.

Grower Portal is Free For All Members

Our Grower Portal gives you access to your in-season imagery, field trends, stress indicators, tissue sample results, and grain bids.

Use the form below to get free access to our Grower Portal for your farm!


David Fiene

Chief Operating Officer

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