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Jun 02, 2023


June 2023 Update

We began distributing this year’s patronage and equity redemption checks the first week of June during our open house events in Mt Horeb, LaFarge, and Westby. In addition to celebrating our successful fiscal year of 2022 by returning a record amount of cash back to our members, the open houses lined up nicely with June Dairy month and helped to proudly support our dairy members by serving plenty of milk, cheese curds, and ice cream. If you are not able to stop in to pick up your check this year, we will be mailing all checks throughout the month of June. 

In addition to returning a record amount of cash back to our members, posting successful financial results year over year has also allowed Premier to continue to reinvest in our people and facilities, support many agricultural and youth organizations throughout the communities we serve, as well as award thousands of dollars in college scholarships each year. These are just a few examples of what your cooperative does with the profits it generates to benefit its members, all while continuing to grow and add new members every day. It’s a great story to tell. 

During the month of June, we will also complete sending out most of our propane contracts and safety mailings for the coming heating season. With the never-ending volatility surrounding the global energy markets, and contract prices down from last year, be sure to choose from one of the many contracting options we offer to lock in your supply and prices for the upcoming year. As Tim writes about each year, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you won’t have unexpected price spikes next winter is well worth the few minutes it will take to complete and return a contract. If you do not purchase propane from us, or do not receive a contract by the end of June, please give our nearest energy office a call and our staff will take care of you. If you receive a packet in the mail, please be sure to open the safety information and share it with your entire family. Thank you for supporting our energy team and for helping your cooperative become one of the leading propane suppliers in the United States.   

Have a wonderful Father’s Day and June Dairy Month. I hope you have a great month that includes consuming as much dairy, meat, eggs and local vegetables as you can to support our hardworking farmers.   

Matt Severson


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Aug 29, 2023
Every day is a great day to be in the beef business and this year has proved to be another excellent year in the cow/calf   and feedlot sectors of beef production. 
Aug 29, 2023
I hope you all had a fantastic August. Although we had a few days of hot weather toward the end of the month, cooler days are coming. It’s less than 120 days until winter. Soon we’ll be digging out the warm clothing and finding our boots to prepare for the colder weather that is surely on its way. If you haven’t locked in your propane supply but would still like to, please call your local Premier Energy office to see if the lock in price has changed.
Aug 29, 2023

I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy the Independence Day holiday with family and friends. Thanks to all of you who called in your orders early so our staff could adjust to the mid-week holiday and help minimize the added pressure that the short work week brings. I’d also like to thank all of you who returned your propane contracts by the end of June. With a short window of when contracts are mailed to when they are due back, we really appreciate your patience and support. If reading this reminded you that your contract is still sitting on the kitchen table, just pick up the phone and call the energy office nearest to you. I’m sure we’ll be able to take care of you. The last of the propane contracts (Cap renewals) and safety mailings will be sent out later this month. On behalf of our energy team and everyone at your cooperative, thank you for choosing us to serve your propane needs again this year.