Get Notified When We Finish Applying in Your Field

May 14, 2021


Automatic application complete text/email notifications are available to members.  

Did you finish my farm yet? I’m not sure, let me check and get back to you... 

Tired of wondering if we have spread/sprayed your field? This spring, all our applicators have been equipped with iPads to electronically submit their application reports.  

With this new technology, we now have the ability to automatically alert you when we have finished your application order. As soon as we pull out of your field, you will get a text and/or email.  

Use the form below to sign up today! 

You have the option of both email and text alerts. 

Email Option

Email notifications include the product listings, all fields, and the application report attached as a PDF file.

Text Option

Text alerts are display the application type (dry or liquid), the farm name, and the total number of acres.

Use the form below to sign up!

Christy Waugh

Agronomy Dispatch Administrator

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