May Agronomy Update

May 05, 2022

Fertilizer Tender Truck

It's that time of the year.

Are you looking for a reliable way to improve yield potential in your alfalfa, corn and soybeans? The Premier Cooperative Agronomy Team is available to evaluate how your fertility, seed selection, insect and herbicide plans will perform in the current weather conditions. Now is the time to take advantage of a valuable tool you have at your fingertips to help you maximize your yield potential for 2022. This would be having discussions with your trusted Agronomy Advisor about your weed-control strategy based on our current weather conditions. As you know, controlling weeds early is extremely important to protect your bottom line.  Large weeds result in limited options and higher costs for you. Contact your Premier Cooperative Agronomist for an early start on successful weed control to help you maximize your 2022 crop yields.    

Please remember with the “rush” upon us, to keep SAFETY on the top of your to do list.  With this spring’s workload getting squeezed into a collapsed time frame we all will be driven to do more in the few hours that mother nature gives us. Getting rest, planning, communicating, listening, taking breaks and keeping stress at bay are a few critical factors that can lead to a safe and successful planting season.  

Also on the to do list is to work closely with your Premier Agronomy location and communicate your product needs and delivery needs in a timely manner.  Planning ahead will sure be a big help as we coordinate our daily schedules to meet the needs of our valued customers.  As we also head into the spraying season, please take the time to get your field maps into your agronomy location. Having the maps at locations is a requirement to improve our application services as well as maximizing our efficiency. Thank you very much in advance for the cooperation.  

Ken Jahnke

Sales Manager


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