Save Your Budget with Propane Autogas

May 19, 2021

School Bus

Save money!

Your district shouldn't have to spend precious time or money worrying about things other than your students. Reduce the hassle and the cost of your fuel with Propane Autogas. Here's how we can save you thousands:

  1. Price Stability: Propane is consistently cheaper than gasoline (to the tune of over $1+/ gallon) and isn't as vulnerable to price swings. Contracts can be extended for multiple years, locking in the price of getting your students to and from school each day.

  2. Government & Industry Support- Autogas' position as an alternative fuel leads to green in the bank! Switching to propane allows your district to take advantage of an additional tax credit and thousands of dollars in rebates offered by our industry partners.

  3. Low Cost, Scalable Infrastructure- Unlike electric or natural gas busses, Autogas refuelers can grow easily with your fleet, taking the worry out of expanding.
Don't let change be a barrier in doing what's best for your students. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about the environmental, economic, and maintenance benefits of Propane Autogas.

Feel free to reach out to Addison with any questions or learn more here:

Addison Arndt

Energy Sales
(608) 479-1357?

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