Hit 105% APH or get your Money Back

Oct 25, 2022


Advanced Acre Rx Prescription Programs

The data agrees. A total acre systems approach to crop management pays off. In 2021 Answer Plot® trials, the Elite Rx® 105% prescription of the Advanced Acre® Rx program led to a 25.4-bushel increase in yield on average compared to the average local program.1

The Advanced Acre Rx program is a tiered offering with several layers of opportunity. It can be a full-season prescription plan, a total acre solution, or a targeted prescription program for a high-impact agronomic decision. If you follow their customized plans and yields don’t meet or exceed approved yield, WinField United covers the cost of services and some input costs via a service warranty payment.* Data and insights from the Answer Plot program are the backbone of the prescriptions, specifically designed to help increase profit per acre and lower per bushel costs. The three options, Complete Rx®, Elite Rx and Impact Rx™, provide streamlined ways for you and your retailer to work together toward a common goal: greater ROI potential.

With our ability to handpick hybrids from FOUR leading brands, we are so confident our seed will perform that the 105% level of this program includes a $100 bag crop plan warranty to go with it.

Contact an agronomist today to learn more about how buying seed from Premier is different than buying from single brand dealers.

1 2021 Answer Plot data; 20 locations tested.
*Agreement is required and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. Percentage goals for the APH crop yield range from 95–105% for corn and 95–100% for soybeans. Only available to corn and soybean farmers who enroll a minimum of 250 acres of an individual crop in the program. Due to factors outside of WinField United’s control, results to be obtained cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Results may vary.



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